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And another one for my smalllindsay. <3 I AM UNSTOPPABLE. 


Just in time for the new episode premiere this afternoon, I am super, hella excited to announce the Design Pumkin’s Outfit BAMAN PIDERMAN fan fare!!

Do you like casual wear? Do you like anthropormorphic ghords that model casual wear? WELL JEEZE DO I HAVE THE THING FOR YOU. Listen, the next episode of Baman Piderman is well underway, and features not one, not two, but SEVEN different outfits for everyone’s least offensive man-like being that doesn’t really wear pants. A whole week’s worth of fashioney goodness. Now as you can see above I have already personally designed six of these outfits. Here is where you come in:

  • Using the template provided above, create some totally sweet duds for Pumkin.
  • Email your entry to me by noon on Saturday September 8th at pumkinfashion(at)yahoo.com
  • Get your design animated into an episode of Baman Piderman!!! WHOA!!!

“Whoa whoa whoa that sounds super awesome. So awesome in fact that I am dying for descriptions of the incentives in more detail?” Is what you are saying to me, I can tell. I know you so well, it’s like we are blood sisters or something. Well let me sate you, my dearest tumblr companion.

  • BESTEST ENTRY! The Bestest entry gets to have their original outfit design featured and fully animated into a for real episode of Baman Piderman! Their name (or nickname, whatever you choose) will also be featured prominently in the credits of the episode, making you instantly an internet star maybe? I don’t know, but at least you can show your mom and brag to her as she stares non-plused. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. 
  • RUNNER UP BESTEST ENTRY The runner up will receive a Baman Piderman commission to their personal specifications emailed to them personally!
  • MOST HONORABLE OF HONORABLE MENTIONS! Honorable mention, as well as the Bestest and Runner Up Bestest will be featured on this blog with a direct link back to their tumblr/personal blog/etc. Plus I will say really nice things about it.

Are you excited yet? I am. I’m so excited that I almost choked on this soy corn dog I am eating and died an untimely, yet mildly amusing death. ANYWAY now you have all the info you need to enter what will surely be touted as fan event of the year in some very obscure magazine that reports on vaguely popular internet cartoons. LET ME JUST STATE THE GUIDELINES ONE MORE TIME:

  1. Entry must be received via email (pumkinfashion(at)yahoo.com) by noon EST on Saturday, September 8th. All entries after this time will not be considered.
  2. Please only one entry per person! Original designs, no copying other people’s designs you scalawags.
  4. No patterns (plaid, etc) because they are near impossible to animate! 
  5. Use the template!
  6. Winner must grant us (and Mondo Media) the right to use the design they create for the contest, but I think that’s obvious! If you’re under 18, you’ll need permission from your guardian. I’m going to pin a permission slip to your chest so yer mum finds it when you get home from school.

We good? we good. GOOD LUCK!


Is this the weirdest crossover fanart I have ever drawn? Only time will tell

Is that a Identity Paper Plane? Do they have paper plane wars instead of disc wars? SO NERDY.


Chillin in the Baman Piderman livestream, drawin’ some Pumkin <3