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And then the art style changed….

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The second episode from season two has aired! “Fire Escape”! Lots of great poses, awesome colors and an amazing board!




Roger Rabbits special effects still fucking hold up by todays standards AND looks better than most films that come out NOW it was that ahead of its time

I’m still amazed that Hoskins had that little to work with. Everything about this video is awesome.

This made my day.

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Rewatched all of Gargoyles, accidentally doodled art. 1995!me would be so proud.

Oh Demona, I love you and your crazy 80s mullet hair.



One By One directed by Pixote Hunt

Whoa, I’ve never seen this before? This is lovely! I had to go fact check it, because I had a hard time believing it was really Disney! BUT—

One by One is a traditionally animated short film directed by Pixote Hunt and released by Walt Disney Pictures on August 31, 2004, as an extra feature on the DVD release of The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride Special Edition.[1] The short intended to be one of the segments for the proposed but never completed Fantasia 2006.[2]

So uh, how, then, do I.. give this all of my money…?

WOW I am so glad this post got a lot of attention finally. When I first found out about this short I really was hoping to share it but this post didn’t really spread around and now it suddenly started getting a lot of notes a year later. I’m just glad people are watching it and hopefully are making much much better gifs than mine of it??? I’ll have to check the tag

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Fantasia 2000 - Firebird Suite

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Since the movie was being made by Disney, Warner Brothers would only allow the use of their biggest stars, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, if they got an equal amount of screen time as Disney’s biggest stars, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Because of this, both sets of characters are always together on screen.

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Not exactly backstage, but here’s a cool lights-on peek near the end of the Graveyard scene after a ride stop and evacuation at the WDW Mansion. Every time I ride the Mansion I wish for this to happen to me! Ride stops, eventually lights come on and a CM has to escort us out. Please! :)

My new favorite Tumblr. It takes away a little bit of the Disney magic, but then it brings in a whole new level of awesome practical effects magic that makes me soooo happy.

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The voice of Ursula narrating the Haunted Mansion


holy SHIT





What makes mothers all that they are?
Might as well ask, “What makes a star?”


The Aristocats! :D

So many awesome mommies!  <3<3<3


Man, it took me a while to get back to this! So this is a basic “what if” animation. The folks at WayForward are remaking the old DuckTales NES game as “DuckTales Remastered,” so I decided I’d try to mimic what they did for the Rescue Rangers NES game!

I animated all of the performable actions you can do as Chip based on some sprite sheets I found from the original game. I’m gonna upload a full video of it eventually, once I can get the export to look better. That way it can be seen without a break in the action.

Here’s hoping they actually go forward with a Rescue Rangers remake!


I’m pretty sure this has been me and Lindsay on a couple of rather wild and crazy Friday nights.

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The only black and white Mickey Mouse pencil test known to exist: The Mail Pilot, 1933 

You guys, look. Look at this fabulous thing.

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