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It is with great pleasure and palpable nerves that we announce our kickstarter to fund the final five episodes of Baman Piderman!

Thank you, as always, for all the incredible support. We’re humbled and forever giddy with just how many people like our cartoon.

Lot’s of love,

Lindsay and Alex

One day, I’ll have a nicer camera and take better pics. One day.

I made Baman Piderman nesting dolls for my dear friend Lindsay for her birthday!

(biggest to smallest: Baman, Piderman, Squib, Pumkin, Wanda)


And another one for my smalllindsay. <3 I AM UNSTOPPABLE. 


Here is the brand new episode of Baman Piderman, “Drink Da Tee”. It uh. Well you see. Anyway, just listen to this reviews by our friends who reviewed it pre-release:

Lindsay, what.

-Caroline Ramsey

What is happening.

-Katy Shuttleworth


-Daniel Flynn

See? Someone inform the oscars.

As always thanks to all the awesome fans of the show, you guys are amazing! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the new Baman Piderman forum that Mondo put up! Populate the dickens out of that you guys! Perhaps to talk about this new episode you are reading about right now?! POSSIBILITIES.

Best xoxoxo,

Lindsay and Alex


Well after an insane amount of hullabaloo and a lot of me laying face down on the floor weeping, the Halloween Baman Piderman special, “Ghost Night” is now up!

This is the longest short Alex and I have made together like this; two minutes longer then the previous longest Baman Piderman episode! I learned so much from it, and I hope it will be spookily enjoyable for everyone.

Best as always,

Lindsay + Alex

YOU GUYS. This looks AMAZING. All your pain and suffering paid off! EVERYONE WATCH NOW, I WAS A BIT CREEPED OUT BY IT.)



So…Im a giant nerd and

Idk I can see Pumkin as a Doctor Who fan



Mondo put back up the previously recorded final Baman Piderman for your viewing pleasure! This one was the best one in my opinion, not only for our ‘live studio audience’ made up of some of our animation friends, but also because we called up a Baman Piderman fan and freaked him out totally. Also I was wearing my favorite dress! Jeeze so many good things. Alex in a bowtie? I mean come on. I can’t even.

I feel like I was also the most relaxed in this one, and the most like myself, if not a little doopy around the edges. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who even stopped by any of the eight streams we did for Mondo. It was so great to be able to interact with people who like the show in a meaningful way. Also despite myself it really helped me be more comfortable appearing in front of a camera, haha! Animation is a pretty behind the scenes affair, so I was quite hesitant at first to be in.. front of the scenes, as I am shy in person. But it went very well, and people only made fun of my hair like, one time. Which is not bad at all.

Thanks again everybody!

Hey. These are my friends. I play Audience Participant #2 for half of this episode. You should watch. Yes.


HEY IT’S THE BRAND NEW EPISODE OF BAMAN PIDERMAN, “Drawing Song”! Wherein Pumkin has lot’s of feels, Piderman draws a picture of his friends, and Baman and Tuba enjoy some quality time. This one was extra fun to make for the obvious reasons. Please reblog if you want your friends to suffer by getting this song stuck in their head!

Thanks as always to the awesome fans! I’ve been wibbly looking at all the fanart lately, weh weh.

Best xoxoxo,



The brand new episode of Baman Piderman, “Squib Week” is now live! Now that Pumkin and Squib are friends, Squib makes sure to show it’s great appreciation for Pumkin every day.

I just want to tell you that Alex and I completed this, start to finish, in only six days. I know that’s not going to wow anyone but other animation peeps but I’M JUST SAIYAN. Thankfully we got some last minute help when I was fetal under my desk by our delightful friends Caroline, Katy, Berry, and Dan. Thank you guys!

And thanks, as always, to the wonderful fans that keep the show going. If you like the show, please reblog and spread the word so we can keep making this shindig. Hey, watch it twice if you feel so inclined. I’m so grateful for each little note, fanart, or kind word we get. I feel on top of the world that I can share my dopey sense of humor with you guys.





Just in time for the new episode premiere this afternoon, I am super, hella excited to announce the Design Pumkin’s Outfit BAMAN PIDERMAN fan fare!!

Do you like casual wear? Do you like anthropormorphic ghords that model casual wear? WELL JEEZE DO I HAVE THE THING FOR YOU. Listen, the next episode of Baman Piderman is well underway, and features not one, not two, but SEVEN different outfits for everyone’s least offensive man-like being that doesn’t really wear pants. A whole week’s worth of fashioney goodness. Now as you can see above I have already personally designed six of these outfits. Here is where you come in:

  • Using the template provided above, create some totally sweet duds for Pumkin.
  • Email your entry to me by noon on Saturday September 8th at pumkinfashion(at)yahoo.com
  • Get your design animated into an episode of Baman Piderman!!! WHOA!!!

“Whoa whoa whoa that sounds super awesome. So awesome in fact that I am dying for descriptions of the incentives in more detail?” Is what you are saying to me, I can tell. I know you so well, it’s like we are blood sisters or something. Well let me sate you, my dearest tumblr companion.

  • BESTEST ENTRY! The Bestest entry gets to have their original outfit design featured and fully animated into a for real episode of Baman Piderman! Their name (or nickname, whatever you choose) will also be featured prominently in the credits of the episode, making you instantly an internet star maybe? I don’t know, but at least you can show your mom and brag to her as she stares non-plused. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. 
  • RUNNER UP BESTEST ENTRY The runner up will receive a Baman Piderman commission to their personal specifications emailed to them personally!
  • MOST HONORABLE OF HONORABLE MENTIONS! Honorable mention, as well as the Bestest and Runner Up Bestest will be featured on this blog with a direct link back to their tumblr/personal blog/etc. Plus I will say really nice things about it.

Are you excited yet? I am. I’m so excited that I almost choked on this soy corn dog I am eating and died an untimely, yet mildly amusing death. ANYWAY now you have all the info you need to enter what will surely be touted as fan event of the year in some very obscure magazine that reports on vaguely popular internet cartoons. LET ME JUST STATE THE GUIDELINES ONE MORE TIME:

  1. Entry must be received via email (pumkinfashion(at)yahoo.com) by noon EST on Saturday, September 8th. All entries after this time will not be considered.
  2. Please only one entry per person! Original designs, no copying other people’s designs you scalawags.
  4. No patterns (plaid, etc) because they are near impossible to animate! 
  5. Use the template!
  6. Winner must grant us (and Mondo Media) the right to use the design they create for the contest, but I think that’s obvious! If you’re under 18, you’ll need permission from your guardian. I’m going to pin a permission slip to your chest so yer mum finds it when you get home from school.

We good? we good. GOOD LUCK!


Welcome to the premiere of the brand new episode of Baman Piderman, “Weirdy Feeling”. I.. am not going to say anything about this one and just kind of.. like.. let you watch it and take it in.

As always thank you thank you, and much bunches of love,

your pals,

Lindsay and Alex


The new Baman Piderman episode, “In Da Basement” is now out! This one is a little… different! I hope you guys enjoy it; please share it with friends/family/loves ones/people you secretly hate and want to freak out! Thanks to everyone!

All the best,

Lindsay and Alex

Me and my pals started a band. We’re pretty good, ngl.

(In response to this post.)


Here it is, the newest episode of Baman Piderman, “Play Da Song”! This is the longest one we’ve ever made, and also the most music heavy. Thank you to everyone who supported us during this one, especially the tumblr crew, the livestream crew, and Miss Caroline Ramsey for composing a wonderfully soft reprise to the Best Friend Band Song. I really hope you guys will enjoy it; please reblog if you do! Best wishes as always, from the bottom of both Alex and I’s hearts.



New Baman Piderman episode premiere! Revealations: PART 2

Alex and I are very happy to share this with you, thank you to everyone for continuing to support our show, we’re always humbled. This one was a huge undertaking for us, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Hey guys! My lovelies Lindsay and Alex worked super hard on this one (and I helped a bit. I COLORED A TUBA AND A PUMKIN) so you all should watch this. And then watch everything else they’ve done. Because they’re awesome. Yes.