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Life After Pi

"The 30-minute film Life After Pi documents last year’s financial collapse of vfx house Rhythm & Hues. Directed and edited by Rhythm & Hues employee Scott Leberecht, the documentary does a great job of explaining the current realities of the visual effects business model and why the bankruptcy of Rhythm & Hues is part of a much broader issue in Hollywood that has led to the shutdown of dozens of studios over the past decade.”-Amid Amidi, Cartoon Brew

This documentary hits pretty close to home. I’m having flashbacks to five years ago just watching it. I’ve had those Friday meetings. I’ve played the duck-duck-goose tap on my shoulder game of who was going to stay and who was let go. It’s not fun.

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I feel like I should apologize I haven’t posted any new art lately. I’m in the middle of two big illustration commissions that I’m trying to get done in the next month or so. Hopefully by then, shows will start coming back and I’ll doodle up some silliness.


My cousin lostsailors and I tend to have this mutual agreement that we don’t give each other presents on our actual birthdays or Christmas, but in fact wait about six months later. It works. So when I went to California last week, it had been about six months since my 30th birthday and lostsailors though that was an Important Age and passed down the Family Hunting Kit.

There MAY have been high-pitched screaming.

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I’m back from vacation! So sorry to those of you who I replied to really late. My parents’ house is a deadzone, so I had trouble loading Tumblr on my phone.

And uh… wow, HI NEW PEOPLE! As always, my ask box is open and I’ll answer as best as I can (I just do it privately unless I think it benefits other people)

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Okay, so this song isn’t QUITE exactly the same, but I’ve been on a Zeppelin kick for the past few days,  it has the title I need and WHATEVER YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MOM YOU KNOW.

I’m heading home to SoCal for a week starting tomorrow and I’m so excited. I haven’t been back west during the summer for almost five year and this is just a travesty. Planning on relaxing at the beach and/or pool, eating lots of food, seeing family and friends, spending a few days in LA, playing with puppies, I’M GONNA DO IT ALL.

I have a fanart thingie queued up for a few days from now but probably won’t be reblobbing a whole lot, so just wanted to give a heads up for my disappearance. Stay cool, mah bebes.

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A lot of people are angry, upset, or worried about the “Boston Lockdown” as a sign that Freedom Is Over. One thing almost all of these people have in common is not having been in Boston at the time. I work in information security and I’m involved with the privacy scene; I understand there’s a


SENTAI EPCOT PHOTO AT DIDNEY WORL with Katy, Lindsay, Alex, Amelia, me, and Niki YAY

This is the reason why I’ve been quiet. Good reasons, I think.

Does anyone else organize their gifs? I was really bored during the New England snowstorm last night, so I finished organizing mine. The ones on my work computer are even worse.

I walked into work and found an adorable Doctor Who necklace on my Wacom from itscarororo and this sign taped onto my desk by alexdraws. Bless them both.

Also it’s my birthday and I turned 30. That’s like… ancient by Tumblr terms, isn’t it. ALL YOU KIDS COMPLAINING ABOUT HOMEWORK.